Let Manchester Fixer Guide Your Sports Production During Covid-19  

Every industry has been affected during the Covid-19 pandemic and the film & TV industry is no exception. The sports production industry has similarly seen a downturn, but the picture is not all bleak – there are signs of a comeback.

Manchester Fixer Coronavirus Update 1 General Graphic of People Wearing PPE for Avoiding Covid 19 Transmission When Shooting Sports Productions in Manchester

PPE will be necessary is most cases when shooting sports productions in Manchester

The UK has been in a state of Covid-19 related lockdown for 6 weeks now and there are positive signs that the industry is building momentum in its path back to work. The need to tell stories has not disappeared and has arguably grown in importance. Many inspirational stories are waiting to be told, for sports productions especially, as preparations for postponed events are already underway. At Manchester Fixer, we’re listening to the industry’s movements and are prepared to accommodate shoots once again. As the UK prepares to come out of lockdown, productions are resuming in a cautious, safety conscious way. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is as important as ever that stories of hope can be told. Sports production specialist Manchester Fixer has been listening to the authorities and industry representatives in order to help realise your upcoming production without putting cast and crew at unnecessary risk.

Manchester Fixer Coronavirus Update 1 Instructions for Avoiding Covid 19 Transmission Whilst on Sports Productions in Manchester

Instructions for avoiding Covid 19 transmission whilst on sports productions in Manchester

Business-wise, the picture emerging is becoming clearer day by day. As of 1st May, the larger rental houses have opened up – following new guidelines on sanitation and quarantining of equipment and between productions. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is standard uniform for many businesses now, and the film & TV industry is no different. Many in the industry are keen to get back to work after a fallow period and the UK Government’s official line is, ‘It is important for businesses to carry on’. Safety and risk assessment is hugely important to Manchester Fixer and we are up to date with current industry guidelines in the ongoing effort to be as cautious and risk averse as possible. This has meant in practice that each shoot’s risks are considered on a case-by-case basis, and that crew are kept as far apart as possible, sometimes operating in shift patterns where necessary. Manchester Fixer has access to PPE packages for upcoming shoots, something which we feel is necessary for all crew members to wear whilst on set. Social distancing will need to be standard practice for many months ahead, making crew size an important consideration. All attending crew members will be asked to sign a health declaration before commencing work in order to mitigate the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

Manchester Fixer Coronavirus Update 1 PPE for Avoiding Covid 19 Transmission Whilst on Sports Productions in Manchester

PPE for avoiding covid 19 transmission whilst on sports productions in Manchester

More ambitious film shoots have been creative in their social distancing; hair and makeup artists on UK shoots have given online tutorials to talent to do their own makeup, for instance. Shooting for the most part is taking place in private interior and exterior spaces. We advise against shooting sports production in public spaces in Manchester during the coronavirus lockdown since the Coronavirus Act 2020 gives police the ability to enforce social distancing. In London, The Metropolitan Police have said ‘whilst lockdown is in place no commercial filming in London can be justified’. This position is likely to be relaxed in the future, however. In the meantime, there are a huge number of ways to be creative within these limitations. Whether it’s a virtual gallery you need, a talent ‘shooting from home’ setup, or sourcing crew members, Manchester Fixer has the boutique solution for you. Rely on Manchester Fixer to help you realise your creative vision during the coronavirus pandemic, we’re prepared, we’re risk averse and we can guide you and your production to success.

Please contact us for the latest information and if you would like to consult on your upcoming shoot during the Covid-19 crisis. Manchester Fixer is here to help realise your production in this new normal.

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