Applying for Filming Permits in Manchester  

Manchester Fixer is here to help you when applying for filming permits in Manchester.

Manchester Fixer Manchester Northern Quarter Film Set Permit Application Locked Off Street

Northern Quarter Film Set Permit Application Locked Off Street

In the UK, we can accommodate shoots of just about every size imaginable. From small documentary crews to huge Hollywood productions, it’s all been done here. But what you might not know is one of the UK film industry’s best-kept secrets is the northern city of Manchester.

Manchester and its surrounding areas have some of the best locations, studios, facilities and crew in the world. The city centre is known for having stood in for New York in feature films such as ‘Captain America’ and upcoming Spiderman film ‘Morbius’. In January 2020, the cities of New York and Manchester even co-signed a tourism agreement based on this relationship. At Manchester Fixer, we’ve specialised for years in permitting locations in Manchester. As the film, television and commercials industries begin to emerge from their lockdown hiatus, shoots are beginning again – and there is no better time to be looking at Manchester for your production. You can write to us for the very latest on permitting locations in Manchester. Applying for permits might seem like an easy task if you know where you want to shoot, but at Manchester Fixer our relationships with permitting offices means that we know exactly who to speak to, what the deadlines are and where there is wiggle room for you and your production. Let Manchester-Fixer be your one-stop shop for all your service production needs for your next Production in Manchester and Liverpool; from handling applying for permits on your production, to crewing, facilities and whatever else is required.

Manchester Fixer Manchester Northern Quarter Film Set Under Armour Shoot 1

Northern Quarter Film Set, Under Armour Shoot

Permitting locations is often seen as a tedious task, but it needn’t be that way. Manchester-Fixer has handled dozens of location permitting jobs over the years and continues to be a leader in service production in the UK. There are so many great locations in Manchester that are just one permit away from appearing in your production. Whether it’s a city centre location you need or a more pastoral location that you have in mind, we can help guide and advise you through all aspects of shooting in Manchester. As well as the more traditional aspects of fixing, such as taking care of accommodation, transport and crewing for you, Manchester Fixer provides many more services beyond that – location permitting being just one of these. Do you have a documentary series that has on-the-fly and changeable location permitting requirements? Manchester Fixer has you covered. Usually (and depending on the permitting authority), applying for filming permits in Manchester has a minimum lead time of three days, but we strive to maintain great connections with all the councils and permitting authorities in Manchester so that we can open the lines of communication way before that to anticipate any last-minute changes.

Manchester Fixer Manchester Northern Quarter Film Set Under Armour Shoot 2

Northern Quarter Film Set, Second Under Armour Shoot

And though we’ve got the whole of the UK covered, applying for filming permits in Manchester is something that you might be considering coming to the UK. Take a look at some of our recent productions to see some of the great locations we’ve been lucky enough to work with. Whether it’s permitting at Salford Quays for GiffGaff’s latest commercial or at the Northern Quarter for Under Armour, Manchester Fixer has the experience to guide your location permitting to success. So, if your production is looking at permitting locations in Manchester, look no further than Manchester Fixer. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we’ve seen it all before and our dedicated crew members will see that your production runs smoothly and safely.

“We’ve Got Manchester Sorted”