Manchester Transport & Accomodation  

No Fixer would be complete without this service, as in order to succeed with your production it’s often the core logistics that are needed in order to make it all happen.

Trains, flights, transfers, hotels, we provide Manchester Production Transport and Accommodation. Without it, you’d have no means to get to your chosen location, and no base to stay. We not only find you the best options, those that offer the best comfort and convenience for your budget, but we book it all in for you too, taking away another headache from your list.

And if you’re travelling from abroad, our Fixer in Manchester can also offer assistance with what paperwork you will need to travel and work in the UK.

With over 20 years in the business, we have developed connections with travel companies and hotels across the UK. So why not take advantage of our special discounted rates. Contact us below.